The Dark Truth !!




Born to the riches

A bliss to be,

Born to the poor

A curse it is!

While one enjoyed all the wealth

he was mere a helping hand.

In the sweltering sun

He cried for food,yes he was then feeded

For then they cant afford him to loose.

And as they grew,

Ways were taught to earn their livelihood.

Passing by the lane, i saw a few,their shoulders drooped with heavy sacks

 filled with their sinking hopes

As if there was no one for their rescue.

A girl behind the bar,below teenage she was who didnt even know what body selling was.

But she should continue the job for that was the only income her family had

The fireworks shop had a blast, a bunch injured and 4 got marked.

Thankfully the eye was saved they could now atleast beg!

Many kids got kidnapped, a few months later they where found on the street with no hands!

Yes certainly its the poverty which drags them into this

But before you judge,take your time to rethink!

That kid with sack,did you lend him a book from your bag?

The girl behind bars,did you help her come up and see what the real world was?

The kids injured,did you help them recover at fast?

My home has got a maid and she is of my age!


Somewhere behind it all, we  are at fault.

If you are previlaged enough,utlilize that!

Help them show the world you have been seeing it throughout!

Let them believe, yes, it’s a beautiful place to live in!


             BY : SAYANI NASKAR


14 Comments Add yours

    1. Sayani Naskar says:

      Thnk u


  1. Abhishek Kumar says:

    Awesome… 👌


  2. Aryan Raj says:

    Ur thought behind this poetry is very beautiful…keep it up…hope ur poetry will come’s again.


    1. Sayani Naskar says:

      Thank you.


  3. Aryan Raj says:

    Ur thought in this poetry is outstanding…hope everyone like this beautiful poem nd i wish we will read again ur newly poetry….


  4. Aliya says:

    Nice poem🙂


    1. Sayani Naskar says:

      Ty 😘


  5. MS says:

    Very nice.


  6. MS says:

    Very good thoughts.


    1. Sayani Naskar says:



  7. It really touched my heart. This is our world. We must continue to do our best so that opportunities can be available to all not just some.


  8. Sumit jha says:

    Subject of the poem is very nice. So the poem is outstanding


  9. jem8580 says:

    Wow! Very thoughtful and thought provoking


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