A Child’s Dream 




A young finger pointing high to the sky,
His favourites were some sweets and pie,
Books and Pens were his right,
Watching those dreams in a silent moonlight.
Having a smile on his face,
Shoes were tighten up for some race,
Time was ticking with some pace,
The Dream will be over –
he didn’t know the case.
A high noise suddenly shattered the dream,
The noise of his master was extreme,
He was pushed and pulled without a heart,
He had a life without any worth.
His smile was gone in a flow,
Work and work – only did he know,
He was enjoying a little time ago,
Did anyone know – He was so low.
He ran away freeing his arms ,
Leaving that cruel world which harms,
He knew anything could be better,
Living that life will be a disaster.
Then he walked silently to his mother,
She knew his misery and her’s another,
He felt protected under her cover,
And he dreamt again over and over.




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