Dowry System !!




“Congratulations!!! samaira”, were the words she was greeted with,
But they didn’t even dare to know the
pain her family struggled with,
“25 lakh, that’s gigantic, 20 or no less ” this was the 
bargain that they ended with,
Her father bent down his knees for the
sake of his daughter and the happiness she would be cherished with.

How can one sell his daughter?
Just as an old custom
Have they not seen the mother’s tears
the poor soul,without courage, father’s fears

behind the happy faces.

How can one sell his daughter?
To the ones who are promoting dowry
“Is it done to win the lottery today,
and lose it the next day?”


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  1. Luke Thorne says:

    Excellent poem 🙂


  2. DOCUS says:

    Its beautiful.But just want to correct a line.In dowry a girl is not sold,a guy is sold.And I donot think blaming a guy ends up the problem.The same father who pays dowry also receives one.

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  3. north east india has no dowry system.. am lucky😊

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  4. Rukhsar Khan says:

    Very well written 👏

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  5. khushi1972 says:

    It’s a long way to go Madhumita,we all have to fight against it together.😃😃😃😃😃

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  6. anjalisk96 says:

    This was such a treat to read. Each word resonated so well!Keep up the good work!

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  7. It’s a lovely take on an old and somewhat sad tradition. I like it.

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  8. This is a lovely poem. I can tell that the author feels very strongly about this. I’d like to see more visceral imagery…a pull from the stomach that conveys the desperation this author feels toward this subject. i feel like there is a lot of attention to the narrative rather than the emotion. While the narrative is important, the imagery it what sells the poem to the reader. I love the reference to “mother’s tears” and “fathers fears,” it’s a nice play on sound and the traditional trope of parental disappointment. Nicely done though.

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  9. aakriti405 says:

    This is really touching. It boils my blood when ever I hear about dowry. I don’t understand how do people have enough morals to ask for money to keep a wife. It’s like you are saying I will keep this “headache” of yours only if you pay this amount. How can people just define a lady’s worth with money. I hope I really hope dowry ends one day and these family start treating women like humans and not commodities.
    Thanks for sharing this thought. 🙂

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    1. Thanks aakriti …do follow us !!

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  10. So sad that such a relic of a bygone era still survives in a civilized land. People are not property! Thanks for sharing this!


  11. Kae Bucher says:

    You sir.. are a social justice
    Advocate… honored by your follow… blessings.. Kae


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