The Evil Caste !!



Once upon a time 
there was a king
and four people
he gave them ring
First was brahman
who got ring of diamond 
top above the all in land 
kshatriya got the ring of gold 
because they were brave and bold 
vaishya got the silver ring 
and prepared a business string 
sudra was made as servant by the king 
and he didn’t get any ring
Sudra became weak and time change gear
the other three harassed him everywhere 
disallowed to live a joyful life  
his back  was stabbed with many knife 
he was forced to do all dirty thing
how much cruel was that king ?
At present that kingdom is gone 
and a new republic is born 
now , there is no king but many leaders
with mask of god originally traders.
They promised to end the cruelty with sudra
but they want to get the vote mudra .
They said they bring back sudra’s right 
and provided reservation in every fight .
Leaders calculated all the statistics 
on the basis of  caste started politics 
till now sudra don’t  get any ring 
still they are finding that cruel king .
             BY: ASHISH ANAND

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  1. Well said it’s the truth… And only chance people have is education… As rightly said by mahatma phule..
    Without education wisdom was lost; without wisdom morals were lost; without morals development was lost; without development wealth was lost; without wealth the shudras were ruined; so much has happened through lack of education – Mahatma Jyotiba phule


    1. Do follow us crashingstone !! 😊


  2. I like the story of this poem. The second part of this poem really grabs the reader; the voice of the poet stands out. I rule of thumb that I try to stick to is to make my poems as concentrated and distilled as possible. Consider cutting unnecessary words and reducing it to a series of images and pictures. Speak from the voice of the person who is in the midst of experiencing this. Great work.


  3. interesting how we often allow someone else, to define who we are, and that, is just simply no good, because as you allowed someone to define you, to put you into a certain place (that you don’t want to be), then, you’d, given them complete control over your lives…


  4. Hacked says:

    Evil within caste system
    Well written


    1. Do follow us !! 😊


      1. Hacked says:

        i am following


  5. aakriti405 says:

    This is absolutely true. We haven’t progressed much in last 8-9 decades. Shudras are still treated in the same way, still face the humiliation and cruelty. Nobody will actually listen to their plight but will promise them to make things better. All under the vote game!!!

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  6. Madhusudan says:

    Bahut badhiya post…magar aaj bhi ham wahin hain…..dukh isi baat ka hai..

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  7. Kae Bucher says:

    Excellent .. following

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