Casteism Still Alive !!



What is this caste !!

Why it sounds so vast ????
Living together is such a beautiful art
So why “caste system” is tearing us apart !!!!!!!
We want a strong system for the betterment of society
But what if   !!!!!!!
When society, itself increases their anxiety
By discriminating humans for their outer qualities 
And by ignoring the life’s realities
Our faces, skin colours, cultures and traditions are
used as parameters to judge our standard
What’s this!!!!
Have they no shame ???
Afterall by inner essence we all are same 
Is hurting our emotions is their aim!!!
Why they think our life is just a baseless game ???
Our country is known for democracy 
Then why we are accepting this autocracy!!!!!!
Even god has given us the same birth right
So why upper caste peoples are allowed and the lower caste  peoples are restricted to make their future bright???
Humans are being divided as richer or poorer, touchable and  untouchable because of their caste 
God knows when this crime will last !!!
So open your eyes guys 
Stop supporting this cruelty
Come ahead together, let’s raise our voice
And start saving humanity……

One Comment Add yours

  1. Garima says:

    On point 👍👍 bitter truth

    Liked by 2 people

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