To The Women’s Of My Life !!




My mother who is always worried for me for my mere settlement in life;

A word for her let me breathe, and give me sometime to strive.

Let me discover what i wanna be,or what muses me the best;

Then perhaps i may break all your theory of not being better then the rest.

My mother you are my utmost responsibility i do know from the day i gained sense;

I promise for i may proof all your believe wrong of being settle and losing all the essence.

Your love is all i have left the cherish in my life and rest all is materialistic perks for me;

 That little child on whom you had faith survives in my eyes can you see?



My sister my best company and my prettiest doll who have known me ever;

I promise you i would keep you happy as you are forever.

Your dreams about me will someday come true i wish if i can;

If someday i may grow up to be a wiser son,a caring bro and a great man.

I am always thankful to you for giving me the courage to keep walking in bad times;

I would always cherish your company and will always enjoy those never crying lines.

Indeed i have missed so much of you in times i am depressed and when i am all alone ;

Sometimes somethings are so hard as if it was never meant to be shown.



At last  all i wanna say is happy women’s day and enjoy this day of fame;

For things might change but right here i will always remain the same.

To all my friends happy women’s day for its there right that we cherish;

Let them find a place before there mere existence may perish.

To all the women out  there its your day make it special for whatever it takes;

Bend all the rules and freaking regulations of the society till it breaks.

Its your life make it as big as you want and fill it up with memories  ;

Because you all have that capability of  making stories rather histories.




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