But Still Yours !!




It all started suddenly when we became friends to when we started sharing our secrets and we don’t know when and how it converted to the never ending phone calls . But these are just a flash of a camera , one flash and it all appears as it was a beautiful dream whose destination has been decided by the destiny before giving it a beautiful curve . Those beautiful moments still flashes in my eyes and it still shows you happily smiling with tightly holding my hands.

We both knew that this hard time will one day come when our name written inside a heart on sand near a beach will be swept away by the darting waves of the sea.

And slowly and gradually we will be separated like this . Those moments when you fit your fingers in mine and your curly hairs that fearlessly slept on my shoulders will never came again now . We knew there is nothing between us but also there is something between us which doesn’t requires some words to be expressed , just that one look seeing in each others eyes is enough to tell what we meant for each other .
Things have changed now and for you now i am no more the reason of looking down at phone and smiling and then walk into a pole . But it doesn’t matter whether we will become that friends again or not , those moments thinking of being with you again will get me and support me to forget this pain.



             BY : Rishabh Mishra


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  1. OH its so beautiful!!.. yet so painful..


    1. thanks …keep following us !!

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      1. Ayush kumar says:

        Nice keep moving..

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  2. Tarannum says:

    Heart touching 💞

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    1. Thanks Luke ….keep reading !!

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      1. Luke Thorne says:

        I certainly will. I enjoy reading your poems.

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  3. Lost soul says:

    This is painfully beautiful.

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    1. I Like the word “painfully beautiful” . Thanks ….keep reading !!

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  4. Paridhee says:

    Beautifully written

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  5. Sangam Bharti says:

    Can’t stop those pearls to come out… ♡

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  6. alwayssairaj says:

    It’s wonderful to feel that pain. Really it was heart touching. Keep it up…👍👍👍

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    1. Thanks …do follow us !!


  7. Rudra Abhishek Manglam says:

    Wow….intension nd thought behind this poetry is incredible that’s y the line of this poem get touched to my soft heart…

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  8. jem8580 says:

    My heart follows yours, and I truly understand.


    1. Thanks jam …do follow us !! 😊


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