Endless !!




I believed,and waited,and waited so long.
The hands of clock appeared like prong.
Nothing relieved;neither sleep nor song.
I know my mistake,not taking him wrong.

Depth is crying,rising like smoke.
I am contesting in the absence of folk.
Feeling so missing,on the verge of choke.
Emotions are being shown as the center of joke.
Understanding the things,getting mind’s stroke.
Regret my tone and words I spoke.
Life is deserted,leaves missing from oak.
Roaming with branch,with marks when it broke.

Glistening like diamond,I did my part.
Its you not me,who keeps me apart.
Speciality of yours,makes everything my art.
Miss you and love you,all with my heart.

Think anything but now I’m being crippled.
Can’t live anymore,stuffs are scribbled.
Facing the ocean,not the drops which got dribbled.
Can leaves come back to the tree:half whittled?

Thoughts are connected,creating a mess.
Tossing on bed and they are playing chess.
This is my only way to confess.
Is this temporary or I can say “endless”?


            BY: SANGAM BHARTI


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  1. nyc.. its “Regret”.. i think so..


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