SOULMATES !!



When a water waves near a beach comes towards two legs , it doesn’t only give the relaxing coolness and an atmosphere of love , sometimes it takes some memories written on a sand with the promising first sigh of love with them . This first sigh is the felling when someone become friends to when someone started sharing their secrets , and without knowing how and when it converts to the never ending phone calls . This is the felling when his/her silence makes you understand more than words and you care when it goes worse . This is the strongest feeling by which one can even conquer the world, this is the feeling which can fill this world with beautiful colours . But sometimes this journey of love will last for not much time , cause it’s the destiny which matter and nobody has a perfect destiny for what they desire .
When I first saw her with the fear in my eyes and her smile that i still remember when i close my eyes . They are like a flash of a camera , one flash and it all appears as it was a beautiful dream whose destination has been decided by the destiny before giving it a beautiful curve .
I am a decent boy for whom study is the only thing that matters , and a boy which doesn’t even know what is love . And then came you, completely different , a crazy girl who knows only to live with each moment . Who is that dumb that she doesn’t even think about herself when it comes to help others. I still remember your first message and that whole night chat where we wish that this night has no end …

To be continued…




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  1. Paridhee says:

    Beautifully written

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  2. Sayani Naskar says:

    Truely Awsome😍


  3. Superb work
    Please follow me and give your suggestions on my poetry:)


      1. Thanq so much for following 😁


      2. M following ur blog 😁


  4. Truly beautiful 😁


  5. Pls follow my blog m New to dis site


  6. Swapna das says:



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