“A Letter To My Love”

“A Letter To My Love”


“She asked me the 5 reasons why she should love me”

Take a few deep breaths, and hear your heart’s sound
If u feel something there during these lines ,
then u will surely find the reasons.

The reason is nothing cz love doesn’t require a reason. If you love someone for any reason, then that’s not love. And i want you to love me
not for any reason but for that unexplainable feelings that I feel for you whenever i see you !!
You may find someone more cool than me , but u will never find someone who loves u unconditionally like me.

I want you to be mine for the rest of my life where one day when we both sat somewhere in our room:
Sipping a vintage wine ,
Reading a poem, so romantic.
Cuddling in a warm blanket
In an ambience, so fantastic.
Enjoying the cozy bed
Savouring each other’s embrace
Running fingers sensuously
over each other’s face
I am assuming that all these will keep us busy when we wanna end our life in each others arms.
And at last I just wanna remember that I won’t propose u for being my girlfriend, I have proposed u for being the other half of my soul.

Will you be mine for the rest of my life ?? 💍

Your ,
5 Reasons 😊



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  1. Aliya siddiqui says:

    Heart touching

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  2. Sayani Naskar says:



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